Equatic catalyzes and powers the green economy. Our seawater electrolysis couples carbon dioxide removal (CDR) from the atmosphere with the production of green hydrogen at the lowest costs.

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This illustration outlines the UCLA team's single-step carbon sequestration and storage concept.
We have invented a method to remove gigatons of CO2 from the atmosphere, via the oceans, by electrolyzing sea water

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Gaurav N. Sant


Lorenzo Corsini

Principal Advisor

Todd Kirschner

Chief Financial Officer

Edward Sanders

Chief Operating Officer

Erika La Plante

Head of MRV & Environmental Impact Assessment, Co-Founder

Dante Simonetti

Head of Technology, Co-Founder

Thomas Traynor

Head of Engineering

Xin Chen

Senior Scientist, Co-Founder

David Jassby

Head of Electrode Materials and Systems, Co-Founder

Advisory Board

Edward Muller

Chairman, Equatic
Edward R. Muller is the Chairman of the Advisory Board of the UCLA Institute for Carbon Management and of six start-ups deploying technologies developed within the Institute. Mr. Muller has previously served as CEO of three electric generation companies (Genon, Mirant and Edison Mission Energy) and as Vice Chairman of NRG.

Lord John Browne

Chair, Advisory Board
Lord John Browne serves as the Chairman of BeyondNetZero and Managing Director at General Atlantic, providing strategic support and advice to the firm’s investment teams and portfolio companies. In both roles, he advises the firm on ESG considerations, with a particular focus on climate solutions and the path to Net Zero emissions.

Peter Relan

Member, Advisory Board
Peter Relan is the founder and mentor at YouWeb. After completing his graduate work from Stanford in 1992, Peter has spent the last 30 years as a serial founder himself in different fields of technology. His current focus is AI and the climate crisis.

Caitlyn Fox

Member, Advisory Board
Caitlyn Fox is a social and climate leader with over 15 years of experience including roles at Redstone Strategy Group, REDF, and The Rockefeller Foundation. In Fox's role at CZI, she was responsible for building-out CZI's climate program with a focus on scaling carbon removal technologies.

Jérôme Schmitt

Member, Advisory Board
Jérôme Schmitt has over 30 years of global experience in finance, sustainable and energy innovation. He held the positions of SVP of Mergers & Acquisitions, SVP of Carbon Neutral Businesses, and SVP of Sustainable Development & Environment during his tenure at TotalEnergies.

Craig Cogut

Member, Advisory Board
Craig Cogut founded Pegasus, a private equity fund manager which over time has focused on planet health and human health. It has become the first U.S. private equity fund manager to be accredited by the Green Climate Fund. Prior to Pegasus, Cogut was a founder and an original partner at Apollo Advisors L.P.

Catherine McKenna

Member, Advisory Board
Catherine McKenna is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Climate and Nature Solutions. She is Canada's former Minister of Environment and Climate Change as well as Minister of Infrastructure. She is Chair of the UN Secretary General’s High-Level Expert Group on Net-Zero Commitments of Non-State Entities which released its Integrity Matters report at COP’27 in Egypt in 2022 setting out criteria for net zero commitments of business, financial institutions, cities, and regions.

VP Project Development

Project Development
Next generation plants, focus on pre-FID, project manage towards FID
Equatic is seeking an experienced VP Project Development to lead the company’s project development activities, including project sourcing, scoping, design and delivery management. The VP Project Development will play an important role in shaping Equatic’s growth trajectory, expanding its project portfolio, and achieving its ambitious goals. The ideal candidate will possess a track record of successfully identifying and leading the development of complex engineering projects, managing diverse teams, delivering exceptional results within strict timelines and budgets, and fostering strategic partnerships. The candidate will be self-motivated to define the project development vision and play a critical role delivering a major solution to mitigate climate change. This position involves regular engagement with commercial, technical development, engineering and operations teams. The applicant must be ready to lead in an early-stage team environment.
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Technical Project Engineer

Project Engineering
Next generation plants, project management, focus on pre-FID, FEED, modeling
The Technical Project Engineer (TPE) will work closely with Equatic’s leadership team, in particular the CTO and the Director Technical Projects, to engineer integrated plant designs, including FEED studies, and modeling of various equipment components, and systems for Equatic’s seawater mediated carbon removal process. The TPE will support the development and construction of next generation plants, including defining technical specifications, coordinating/steering external vendors, and conducting in-house FEED studies.
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