[May 8, 2024] – RE:TV, a platform showcasing inspiring climate solutions, today released a film about the Equatic’s people and our company’s potential. The film showcases the electrolysis technology that was developed at UCLA’s Institute for Carbon Management and has now been deployed around the world. By showcasing Equatic's innovative approach, RE:TV aims to inspire businesses to explore similar solutions and accelerate the transition to a net-zero future.

Sustainable Markets Initiative:
Nature, People and Planet at the heart of global value creation.

RE:TV is part of the Sustainable Markets Initiative, which was launched by His Majesty King Charles III, then The Prince of Wales, in 2020. As the ‘go-to’ global private sector organization on sustainable transition, the Sustainable Markets Initiative’s power to convene top organizations from industry and the financial services, alongside governments, is key to innovating, accelerating and delivering on a just, sustainable and prosperous future.

Our oceans already absorb a significant portion of human-made CO2 emissions, acting as a vast and vital carbon sink. Equatic leverages this natural process to go even further in the fight against climate change.


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